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Camperoo hosts 2.5 hour STEAM workshops on a monthly subscription basis for kids every weekend all over the Bay Area starting at $99 per month. We are currently in Mountain View, San Francisco, and Corte Madera.

2 ways to join our community



Sample different subjects
Age 5+ Age 5+
  • Unlimited drop in Explorer workshops in various STEAM topics
  • Try many subjects at an introductory level
  • Different hands-on project every workshop
  • 4 unique Explorer workshops per month




Choose your specialization
Age 5+ Age 8+
  • Go in depth and progress in area of interest
  • Earn badges upon demonstration of skills and level-up
  • Four showcase events per year – opportunity to level-up
  • Work in small teams with kids at same level


Find your specialty

Don't know what your "Specialty" is yet?

Find your niche as an explorer

As a Camperoo Explorer, you will be exposed to workshops all over the STEAM spectrum. Learn how to make soufflé on Saturday and program your own Lego Robot on Sunday. Perfect for parents looking to introduce their kids to topics in Science, Technology, and Creativity.

Introducing Camperoo Maker Studio

For curious kids who like to make stuff.

Now in private beta in the San Francisco Bay Area. Don't just study Engineering, become an Engineer. Our real-life-Engineer coaches will guide you through projects and give you the skills you need to innovate and create.

Why Camperoo?

The world is changing faster than the education system. Prepare your child for the future with fun weekend mini-camps that cover a variety of technology, creativity, problem solving, and teamwork topics.

Our curriculum is developed from a cutting edge education pedagogy straight out of research-based methods at Harvard University's education departments.

Members participate in a community of like-minded kids and instructors, build lasting friendships, and get exposed to a range of enriching educational content in a fun casual environment. Weekends are meant for fun, now they can also be both educational and inspiring as well.